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Simple and Effective Puppy & Dog Training Methods.
Creating A Go Anywhere Dog™ Welcome Anywhere!

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We’ll show you how your dog views the world, how to get your dog’s
attention, and how to motivate them!

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Your dog doesn't speak the same language you do - learn how
to interpret what your dog is saying, and introduce new words
in a way they will grasp

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Teach the five basic skills that will give you and your dog
more joy together



A Dog that enjoys and behaves anywhere you wish to go in our big modern world! You want to take your dog on vacation with you? Your dog learns the manners essential for flying on a plane, staying in a fancy hotel or play nicely with doggy cousins at the family cabin. Maybe you simply want to enjoy your local dog-friendly restaurant or pub.  You may want to take in a fun day of play at the dog park or your dog to be a stellar friend at doggy daycare. We help you build the social skills to make your dog the envy of everyone!  We’re ALL ABOUT family dogs at DogSense.  We guide you each step of the way to building a confident & socially savvy dog that will be welcome anywhere you want to go. You’ll learn to simply communicate in a way your dog can truly get and teach him precisely what you want creating the life of your dreams with your furry best friend. Social Family Dogs need training that fits your personal lifestyle. You’ll be able to get the behaviors you want, anywhere you want. Not just in dog training class or a once a week dog training session.



Let’s Make Dog Life Awesome  – Guaranteed



All you need at your fingertips


YOU learn to Understand & Communicate clearly with your dog.  YOUR DOG learns 5 Basic Behaviors creating full cooperation & leaving power struggles in the dust! 34 step-by-step videos with your Go Anywhere Dog™ Coach, Jody Karow.

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Prepare Puppy to be a Go Anywhere Dog™!


St Paul & Minneapolis Puppy Training Classes.  Best Puppy Classes in the Metro for Social Family Dogs.  Learning is always fun for both people and puppies.  Come Play & Learn with us.  Classes are 100% Off Leash!

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We’re here to help you 1:1.


Sometimes you need a little extra help, Certified Puppy Expert & Dog Life Coach Jody Karow is here for you offering In Home Dog & Puppy Training or Skype Counseling.  Professional help for all your Puppy & Dog Training needs.

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With over a decade of experience, a deep understanding & certification in dog behavior & training, and a passion for all things dog, Jody and Jeannie are here to help. We want to show you how to create your very own Go Anywhere Dog™ . Our total focus is on family dogs!

Join us to make dog life awesome with your very own Go Anywhere Dog™.  No more dog guilt due to your dog always staying behind at home.  We’ll help you build the confidence and social savvy that will have you excited to take your dog along.

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Certified Puppy Trainer & Dog Life Coach - Jody Karow Online Dog Trainer - Jeannie Bingenheimer



Here is a marriage of high, high quality information with smart, user-friendly delivery, and on a topic dear to my heart: dog behavior and training. My fervent hope is to see DogSense change many thousands of dogs’ and guardians’ lives, and, knowing how good the team is, I’m willing to bet on it.


The Academy for Dog Trainers

DogSense Online will change the way dog owners think about how they communicate and teach their dogs. It sweeps away the myths and complexity and unlocks the secret of making effective training sheer fun. It will be a fabulous resource and one that the dog loving world has long been waiting for.

Simon Wooler and Nina Cooper


DogSense Online is set to revolutionize dog training. This simple to follow and fun program is the only one of it’s type out there, and fills a void in the training world. Trainer Jody Karow and her team have broken down the steps to help you and your dog be successful and enjoy …

Lori Nanan, Co-founder

Your Pit Bull and You

DogSense Unleashed is an incredible resource for our foster parents. The videos help them get their foster dogs started on the right foot, or paw! Jody makes learning fun and easy. She uses great analogies that explain things in a way that is easy to understand and easy to remember…

Lynne Bengston, Rescue Director

Minneapolis, MN

DogSense Unleashed has come up with a truly unique idea! An idea that could revolutionize dog training. Their program teaches dog- friendly force free methods that are both fun and super easy follow. No matter what type of dog or behavior problem you are dealing with, this program can help…

Sarah Pennington, Owner

Yaletown Dog Training

I brought our puppy to Jody and Jeannie when she was 6 months old.  I was greeted with warmth and a big welcome! They showed us a totally different way of teaching our pup with the Wonderful Result of a happy well socialized dog (with all people and other dogs).  They have a true spirit…

Vikki Peterson, Seri’s Mom

Rosemount, MN

I met Jody and Jeannie in 2010 when they were running their dog daycare business in Eagan.  This dynamic duo is very passionate about the pets that cross their paths.  I felt so comfortable entrusting them with my furry family members because of their expert knowledge and true love…

Kelly George,  Alfie’s Mom

Eagan, MN

All the dogs who I groom who have been trained here are very well behaved and a pleasure to handle on my table.  I would recommend the DogSense Online team to anyone.  Thanks for making the dogs happy!

Amanda Olson,  Dog Groomer

Eagan, MN

Jody and Jeannie are amazing!  I’ve worked along side both these ladies and learned so much.  They really have a passion for what they do and it shows!  So professional, friendly and easy to follow along with them.  They are my go to for anything dog related!

Trish Baker,  Dog Mom

Lakeville, MN

Jody has become my personal mentor.  Being a graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers with Jean Donaldson brings enormous knowledge.  This not only helps the dogs and the owners enjoy training, but it’s proven to be most effective.  Jody does an impeccable job teaching this…

Emily Neimeyer,  Daycare Manager

Woodbury, MN

After I took Jody’s class, I learned a lot of skills to reinforce the good behaviors and be mindful of the fears that the dogs might have.  These methods have been extremely effective.  The behaviors stick!

Janey Lovelock,  Nico’s Mom

Edina, MN


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