Aggressive Dog Training & Modification Plans in Twin Cities MN


Jody Karow is a Graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers taught by world renown dog behaviorist Jean Donaldson.

Certified, over a decade experience & highly educated in diagnosing and modification of dog aggression.

In Home Private Dog Aggression Consults with Ongoing Coaching and Support offered in Minneapolis, Minnetonka & Edina areas.

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When your dog growls, snarls, snaps or bites, it's downright scary.  You immediately fear for the safety of others and for the safety of your dog.  Most behaviors can be modified in dogs, but how we go about modifying this behavior matters...a lot.  Often my clients are caught in the trap of adding more tension, stress or frustration to their dog when acting out aggressively.  This is a common and natural reaction to something that scares you and you have no idea what to do.

When you work with DogSense, we'll help you understand exactly what's going on with your dog.  We'll uncover what exactly is triggering this response from your dog.  Then we'll get straight to work setting up management to keep everyone safe until we have successfully modified your dog's aggressive response to these triggers.

We're with you every step of the way, with in person, phone and video support.  You'll have lifetime access to our state of the art DogSense Online eCourse.  We want that joyful life you were hoping for between you and your dog and as long as your committed, we are too.

+ DogSense Online eCourse included for life.

The sooner we get started on changing your dog's aggressive behavior to certain situations the better.  Please don't wait, rehearsal of behavior is what makes a particular behavior habit.  When we get started on a modification plan right away, we have faster results.  Get the help and support you need.

Jody Karow - CTC
Certified Puppy Expert, Dog Life Coach & Founder of DogSense Online
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What Can You Expect?

Let's make life better for both you and your dog.

Aggression in dogs doesn't come out of nowhere.  Once you know what you're looking at, you'll see your dogs aggressive displays are very context specific.  Your dog may have more than one context that elicits aggression.  At our consult we'll discuss the situations at length where your dog has become aggressive.  We'll identify the cause or causes and based on information you provide I'll give you a prognosis.

Management is an important and necessary component of modification.  We'll discuss and implement the appropriate management plan for your personal dog.  We'll also discuss your current response to these displays and situations.  How you respond has great effect on your dog and I'll coach you towards the most effective response in your particular situation.

Once we have a diagnosis and management in place, we'll construct a modification plan for helping your dog cope better and behave better when faced with these triggers.  I'll be here for you every step of the way.

Common Aggressive Dog Behavior Problems

  • Dog Leash Aggression, Reactivity or Frustration
  • Resource Guarding of Food, Location, Toys or Loved Ones
  • Barrier Aggression or Frustration
  • Off Leash Dog Play Aggression Problems


  • Stranger Aggression
  • Fear Aggression
  • Body Handling Problems
  • Aggression towards other dogs
  • Aggression towards other animals

DogSense: always 100% kind & loving methods

Positive & Reward Based methods that really work!

DogSense Online is amazing, our rescue dog has done a 180 thanks to Jody! Sweet, 15 pound, cuddly, little Annie turned into Cujo when she encountered a stranger or new environment, people coming into our home brought out the absolute worst in her. We needed help. Jody Karow from DogSense Online made two visits to our home and gave us very practical, simple strategies to introduce Annie to visitors.  Thank you Jody!

Sheila and Bob Peterson
Minneapolis, MN

We discovered DogSense after two failed attempts with other trainers. Our daughter's French Bulldog, Midge, has anxiety/fear issues and we were at a total loss on how to deal with her behavior. DogSense changed everything for Midge (and us). We now have an understanding of of what we need to do to help Midge with her fear of people. Also, I recently got a Frenchie puppy and have been attending DogSense's puppy class, and plan to enroll Bisous in additional training classes. I highly recommend DogSense and have told my vet about them.

Eileen Troxel
St Paul, MN

I have a dog who developed serious aggression. Jody taught my family the skills to help our dog become less aggressive. I can not say enough about Jody's skills as a trainer. Jody's positive training approach and knowledge are unlike anything I've ever seen. I could not recommend her more.

Pam Woods
Minneapolis, MN

Jody is so great!  She helped with my aggressive dog towards other dogs, providing positive dog training to help improve and change her behavior.  Jody makes dog owners feel comfortable and confident that they can improve their relationship with their dog.

Tammy Rose
Minneapolis, MN
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We serve the Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota for all your in home puppy or dog training & private dog training needs.  Includes Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Wayzata, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Bloomington, Edina and surrounding areas.

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