Minneapolis Dog Training Class

Off Leash Dog Training Class with 100% focus on Social Family Dogs.

Learning Life Skills, Social Manners & Basic Obedience All Off Leash.

The only Dog Training School including a step by step video eCourse for practicing at home!

Minneapolis Dog Training Obedience Class

Off Leash Dog Training Class: Minneapolis on Saturdays

Class begins at 10:15a for dogs under 25 lbs

Class begins at 11:30a for dogs over 25 lbs

Location: Bone Adventure, 312 E. Hennepin Ave

Sign up & get started March 25th in Minneapolis

Questions?  Call 651-686-9059

Though obedience skills are important, there's so much more to raising a happy, socially savvy dog.  We focus on social family dogs, teaching basic life skills and social manners. Our goal: all dogs and humans have loads of fun learning.

Jody Karow - CTC
Certified Puppy Expert, Dog Life Coach & Founder of DogSense Online
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What Can You Expect?

A Dog Training Class that meets your 21st Century needs!

Dogs have made their way from the backyard to the bedroom in the 21st Century. Your dog will greet visitors coming to your home & go for walks among our crowded Minneapolis lakes and parks.  Many of your family dogs will even attend doggy daycare and our many local dog parks.

Just like human children, dogs don't come equipped with the social skills that make all of these activities enjoyable for family and dog. Social manners are a learned skill! We'll have loads of fun teaching your dog to be a good friend.

Basic Obedience skills build communication between you and your dog. We'll teach touch, sit, down, leave-it and stay. We'll have your dog understanding what you want and when you want it with both hand signals and verbal cues. Then we'll cover how you get these behaviors in real life out and about.

It's easy to get frustrated learning something new. We've flipped how people learn to raise well mannered dogs on it's head. It was long overdue! We know learning takes repetition for both people and dogs. That's why we created the DogSense eCourse. You'll never again feel left behind. You'll have access to all the learning anywhere, anytime. Even from your smart phone or tablet.

As your personal Puppy Expert & Dog Life Coach, Jody has put together an online dog training video eCourse, super fun puppy & dog training classes, Skype counseling & personal in-home behavior counseling.  We all know consistency is key. Jody wants to help guide you to live your best life with your puppy or dog every step of the way.  Providing you with consistency for all your puppy & dog behavior needs.

DogSense: always 100% kind & loving methods

Positive & Reward Based methods that really work!

I was greeted with warmth and a big welcome! They showed us a totally different way of teaching our pup with the Wonderful Result of a happy well socialized dog (with all people and other dogs).  They have a true spirit of love and care for your dog and take a personal interest in having you and your puppy succeed.

Vikki and Marshall Peterson
Rosemount, MN

While they made my dogs extremely happy, they also kept me very happy because of their great customer service.  They always went above and beyond what I expected. I continue to be a huge fan of these talented ladies because of their true dedication to helping people enjoy the relationship with their dogs!

Kelly George
Eagan, MN

After I took Jody’s class, I learned a lot of skills to reinforce the good behaviors and be mindful of the fears that the dogs might have.  These methods have been extremely effective.  The behaviors stick!

Janie Lovelock
Minneapolis, MN

Jody is so great!  She helped with my aggressive dog towards other dogs, providing positive dog training to help improve and change her behavior.  Jody makes dog owners feel comfortable and confident that they can improve their relationship with their dog.

Tammy Rose
Minneapolis, MN

For Puppies & Dogs over 18 weeks old.

See Puppy Training Classes and Socials for younger pups.

Saturdays  at Bone Adventure Minneapolis, MN

312 E. Hennepin Ave

Small Dogs under 25 lbs & Shy Dogs register for 10:15a Class

Large Dogs over 25 lbs register for 11:30a Class

Questions?  Call 651-686-9059

Sign Up Now 5 Sessions - $129