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DogSense is amazing! Do you want a “go anywhere dog”? Jody Karow and DogSense Online are it!!!

Lisa Lavin

Hattie and Louie’s Mom,  Minnetonka, MN


The best pup trainer – informed, kind and patient are words I would use to describe Jody. I would not trust my dog to anyone else.

Cathy WIlliams

Sadie’s Mom,  Eagan, MN


DogSense throws out the old ways of how we communicate with and train dogs, and welcomes in a new era of leading with love, trust, and dignity- and the results are ASTONISHING.

Sara Pohlad

Ralph’s Mom,  Edina, MN


I cannot speak highly enough of Jody from Dogsense. She came into our life shortly after our Shichon puppy Pippa. She helped us navigate those adorable, but challenging early puppy days. Not only did Jody assist with potty training and teach Pippa not to chew on everything, she also helped with Pippa’s socialization with other dogs by taking her on fun playdates. While I value Jody’s training expertise and love for Pippa, I also really appreciate her non-judgmental way of working with families to make sure they have a great experience welcoming a dog into their lives. Without hesitation I would recommend her services (in fact I have recommended 5 or 6 friends)!

Sara Ahluwalia

Pippa’s Mom,  Edina, MN


The techniques we have learned from Jody and Jeannie have opened our eyes to a different approach to dog training, and have helped us understand dog behavior. The group training sessions have been a perfect mix of work and play not only for our dog, but for us as dog owners. The eCourse training videos are very useful and have allowed us to work with our dog at home one step at a time. We’ve seen such a great progression in our dog which is why we highly recommend Jody and her DogSense team!

Kelly Tierney

Bailey’s Mom,  Minneapolis, MN


DogSense is amazing. Such personal attention. We now have a beautifully trained puppy thanks to Jody. Dogs love her, and she can get them to enjoy everything they learn. My puppy is SO happy when Jody comes to the door!

Sue Duval

Oscar’s Mom,  Minneapolis, MN


I hardly know where to begin with my praise of Jody and DogSense. My husband and I got our first-ever puppy and had no clue! We tried 3 different trainers with mixed success, when thankfully we were referred to Jody. Her approach is just right for us, and more importantly for our dog. She is extremely knowledgeable, really understands dogs and their behavior, and is able to train both dog and owner in a fun, relaxed and effective way. We have had a few private lessons and then transitioned to several group, off-leash classes at Bone Adventure with Jody and Jeannie, including a Canine Good Citizen series. We’ve also participated in her awesome online “Fido Come!” course, where Jody provides a series of step-by-step online videos that teach a systematic way of achieving a reliable recall for your dog. For our group of participants, she established a private facebook group where we could share experiences, pictures, and pose questions for Jody. I never thought my dog, who generally would blow me off when I told her to come, would come bounding to me at the first request, but she does! (most of the time:) One more thing: a couple of times when I had a rather urgent issue, Jody spent time on the phone with me and/or was willing to private message on FB to help – beyond the call of duty, in my opinion, for a very busy trainer. I recommend Jody and DogSense Online without reservation.

Patricia Sorenson

Scout’s Mom,  Golden Valley, MN


I have been using Jody for approximately 7 months to direct the training of my now 10 month old puppy. I have used her for private training and class work. She is simply the BEST! There is no comparison to the other training groups that I have attended. She is smart and insightful, uses evidence-based training methods of positive reinforcement, teaches common-sense everyday-useful obedience, and most of all, she makes it FUN!

Caryn Zembrosky

Willa’s Mom,  Minnetonka, MN


Jody is great! You can tell that she genuinely cares about the work she is doing, and meeting your dog where they are. The best part is that there are videos and homework to do at home, the learning and help doesn’t just end when you walk out of the class. Highly Recommend!

Hope Bauer

Addison’s Mom,  Minneapolis, MN


Jody is the absolute best. Beyond compare. She will help you make your dog the toast of the town. If you follow through on her advice, you will have the best dog ever. We would love our dog Gary regardless, but thanks to Jody, he IS a very good boy. Possibly the best boy ever.

Danielle Arlowe

Gary’s Mom,  Edina, MN


We love working with Jody! She is professional yet fun and you can tell she loves what she does. Our dog loves Jody and being in class with the other dogs. As a first time dog owner I love how Jody teaches us to understand what is going on in our dogs mind. Jody teaches skills that really work!

Kristina Richards

Maya’s Mom,  South Minneapolis, MN


DogSense online is a fantastic service I would recommend to ANY dog owner. Jody’s in person dog training techniques are easy to understand and actually effective! The DogSense online library has been a fantastic resource for us to supplement and reinforce the techniques that we learn during group classes and private sessions. I like how the videos and commands a broken up in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. I know that I can sit down and watch a video for 10 minutes, spend another few minutes with my dog and be done for the day if that’s all the time I have. I have multiple dogs at home and they vary in age from puppy to senior, and we have made progress with all of them!

Jaclyn Mennie

Martin Banks, Lily, P.J. & Dezi’s  Mom, Edina, MN


Jody and Jeannie are awesome! They have a realistic and humane approach to dog training. We did the puppy socialization class and are in obedience I class now. As a result, we have a dog that loves other dogs, plays well with children, and is tuned into us as parents. They’re the best! Highly recommended!

Dustin Larson

Bea’s Dad, Minneapolis, MN


I have had two private training sessions with Jody and I am now halfway through her basic obedience class at Bone Adventure in NE Mpls. We have been working on leash pulling/frustration and general manners for our 1 1/2 year old rescue pup. We attended another leash and obedience class but Jody’s approach is much better. I love the off leash classroom and positive reinforcement on the leash. Our dog has made enormous strides with her leash walking and jumping up on humans (the two big issues we have faced).

Jody is compassionate and practical. She’s terrific with both dogs and humans, gives very clear advice, has videos to explain and demonstrate, and she loves helping dogs and humans live together. I hope to continue through the Canine Good Citizen sequence.

Jill Locke

Piper’s Mom, Minneapolis, MN


If there were ever a “dog whisperer,” it would be Jody Karow. Her knowledge, experience, and intuition is beyond compare. We adopted a spitfire of a dachshund mix, from Safe Hands Animal Rescue. Between the naughty puppy behavior and limitless puppy energy, we were ready to lose our minds! That all changed when we started working with Jody. Jody doesn’t merely understand dogs, she understands dog owners. She gave us the tools we needed to not only improve Frankie’s behavior, but enrich our family as a whole. If you put in the time and follow the immense wisdom of Jody, I have no doubt that you will witness an unsurpassed night and day difference. Dogs do what works and you should to!

Andrea Skolnick

Frankie’s Mom, Minnetonka, MN


Jody is phenomenal! Her dedication to dogs and helping people train their fur babies is apparent. I admire the way she uses positive reinforcement to reward good behavior, which was important to me. I can’t tell you how many times I have been shocked at how much my dog has improved with each class. Very satisfied and happy I chose this dog training program. Definitely a must! Would highly recommend!


Lealoni Kuhn

Kaia’s Mom, Minneapolis, MN


I brought our puppy to Jody and Jeannie when she was 6 months old.  I was greeted with warmth and a big welcome! They showed us a totally different way of teaching our pup with the Wonderful Result of a happy well socialized dog (with all people and other dogs).  They have a true spirit of love and care for your dog and take a personal interest in having you and your puppy succeed.

Vikki and Marshall Peterson

Seri’s Mom and Dad, Rosemount, MN


I met Jody and Jeannie in 2010 when they were running their dog daycare business in Eagan.  This dynamic duo is very passionate about the pets that cross their paths.  I felt so comfortable entrusting them with my furry family members because of their expert knowledge and true love of the animals.  And while they made my pets extremely happy, they also kept me very happy because of their great customer service.  They always went above and beyond what I expected.

More recently, I attended their classes where they practice force-free dog training.  The majority of people attending were with shelter dogs that were in great need of training and socialization.  I was in awe of how Jody and Jeannie communicated with us and the dogs.  The positive reinforcement method that is taught in dog training class is excellent and the results were amazing.  I look forward to attending future classes and will always recommend them to people I know.

I continue to be a huge fan of these talented ladies because of their true dedication to helping people enjoy the relationship with their pets!

Kelly George

Darby and Alfie’s Mom, Eagan, MN


Jody is so great!  She helped me with my aggressive dog towards other dogs, providing positive dog training methods to help improve and change her behavior.  She has an amazing wealth of knowledge and always has a strategy to help overcome difficult dog behavior issues.  Jody makes dog owners feel comfortable and confident that they really can improve their relationship with their dog.

Tammy Rose

Winston’s Mom, Minneapolis, MN


An absolutely wonderful team of incredibly gifted, talented and knowledgable behaviorists.  It is very clear that they do what they do for the good of dogs.  Would recommend to any and all!

Alex Mass

Hudson and Batman’s Dad, St Paul MN


You could not have a better trainer or training experience.  Jody is a real pro and an amazing teacher.  I highly recommend DogSense Online.

Sarah Pennington

Yaletown Dog Training, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada


All the dogs who I groom who have been trained here are very well behaved and a pleasure to handle on my table.  I would recommend the DogSense Online team to anyone.  Thanks for making the dogs happy!

Amanda Olson

Amanda’s Pet Grooming, Eagan MN


Jody and Jeannie are amazing!  I’ve worked along side both these ladies and learned so much.  They really have a passion for what they do and it shows!  So professional, friendly and easy to follow along with them.  They are my go to for anything dog related!  😉

Trisha Barker

Dog Daycare Employee, Lakeville MN


The way that Jody trains dogs is perfectly aligned with my mindset – all things in a positive nature.  I could see that what Jody was teaching my daycare staff was working.  So it was just natural that yes, this is what we need to be doing and I’ve been modeling our dog training internally on what Jody has taught us.

Jody has studied a lot and she knows her stuff.  You know she will figure out what will motivate a dog and help the owner understand.  I think that makes a big difference.  A lot of the time in the dog training world owners are just stymied and they need help too.

Amy Rosenthal

Owner – Metro Dog Daycare & Boarding, Minneapolis, MN



Dog Training Reviews MN

 We love our customers, both four legged and two!


Working with Jody Karow, has been really amazing!  It was an eye opening experience for coming in with lots of natural talent with dogs but not having any hardcore knowledge or skills.  Jody would ask us to do something to modify a dog’s behavior and at first you think: “How is this ever going to work?”  If you did exactly what she asked you to do, you would immediately see results.  Giving her that trust, it was eye opening and I’ve learned so much from her.

Jody does not use fear tactics – no shouting, clapping, stomping or loud noises.  She really motivates the dog to want to change their behavior with treats, toys or even just a very happy voice – whatever motivates that particular dog.  A huge thing she helped us with is not getting frustrated, instead to step back and look at things from a different perspective and come up with a plan.  She always trains with a plan.  The dogs love her, she has such a positive attitude and patience with them.  They are always going to learn.  They will come straight to her when she enters the dog daycare playroom.  Even if she doesn’t have treats and toys, they just really enjoy her.  I have never seen a dog she could not help.  She’s never afraid to take on a challenge.  She wants to do what’s going to be best for each dog and help you to have the relationship that you always pictured in your head.  She really takes those dreams become reality.

Ashley Hofius

Daycare Manager – St. Paul, MN


Jody Karow came in when we were growing our dog daycare and dog boarding business, developing from a few dogs to the five playrooms we have now.

Jody has become my personal mentor.  Being a graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers with Jean Donaldson brings enormous knowledge.  This not only helps the dogs and the owners enjoy training, but it’s proven to be most effective to get the behaviors we would like to see more often.  Jody does an impeccable job teaching others this.  I have firsthand watched her modify a dog’s behavior and I have recommended her to many of our clients.  They’ve come back better dogs and happier customers.  The dogs enjoy daycare more.  It is wonderful.

Emily Neimeyer

Daycare/Training Manager – Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding, Woodbury, MN


After I took Jody’s class, I learned a lot of skills to reinforce the good behaviors and be mindful of the fears that the dogs might have.  These methods have been extremely effective.  The behaviors stick!

Janie Hunter Lovelock

Safe Hands Animal Rescue – Foster Mom Extraordinaire, Minnetonka, MN


Puppy Training MN

 Dog Training is meant to be fun for both you and dog!

I love Jody’s dog training classes.  They are very positive and she makes the dog training classes fun.  I think it’s the best way to train a dog, any dog.  The dogs we get through the rescue have such a rough background, they each have their own issues and problems to overcome.  My current foster dog is very fearful and would crumble if we used any other method that positive dog training.  You would lose any other ground you’ve made.  I don’t think there is any other way when it comes to our rescue dogs.

Sandy Weber

Safe Hands Animal Rescue – Foster Mom Extraordinaire, Minneapolis, MN


Here is a marriage of high high quality information with smart, user-friendly delivery, and on a topic dear to my heart: dog behavior and training.  My fervant hope is to see DogSense change many thousands of dogs’ and guardians lives and knowing how good the team is, I’m willing to bet on it.

Jean Donaldson

Academy for Dog Trainers – Founder and Teacher, San Francisco, CA


DogSense Online is set to revolutionize dog training.  This simple to follow and fun program is the only one of it’s type out there and it fills a void in the training world.  Trainer Jody Karow and her team have broken down the steps to help you and your dog to be successful and enjoy training together.  As someone who believes training is something you do with a dog and not to a dog, I am particularly excited that the methods employed by DogSense are human and dog friendly!  This program is designed to be easy to follow and fun.  Most of us have dogs in our lives to increase the fun factor and the DogSense Online training program helps us do that in ways that many of us may not have expected!  Training can be fun and since it can, shouldn’t it be?

Lori Nanan

Your Pit Bull and You – Co-Founder, New Hope, PA


DogSense Online is an incredible resource for our foster parents.  The videos help them get their foster dogs started on the right foot or paw!  Jody makes learning fun and easy.  She uses great analogies that explain things in way that is easy to understand and easy to remember.  We’ve needed a resource like this for a long time and are so excited to see what Jody and the DogSense team do next!”

Lynne Bengston

Safe Hands Animal Rescue – Director, Minneapolis, MN


DogSense Online will change the way dog owners think about how they communicate and teach their dogs.  It sweeps away the myths and complexity and unlocks the secret of making effective training sheer fun.  It’s a fabulous resource and one that the dog loving world has long been waiting for.

Simon Wooler

Sociable Dog – Owner, United Kingdom


A huge Thank You to all our customers for the Dog Training Reviews!

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