DogSense Online Frequently Asked Questions

What is DogSense Online?

DogSense Online is devoted to revolutionizing dog training and behavior education as we know it today. The service educates dog parents, rescue dog foster parents and professionals in understanding, communicating with and teaching dogs the basic skills that lead to harmonious relationships between humans and dogs. Watch the videos anywhere, anytime from computer, tablet or mobile device. Step by step guidance in learning and doing what is necessary in raising and teaching dogs to be good citizens that are welcome anywhere out and about with you and your family. DogSense Online unites dog rescue foster parents, dog parents and dog care professionals in the education of today’s and future generation dogs.

How did DogSense Online come to be?

After 10 years of extensive study and hands on experience, Jody Karow CTC, Dog Life Coach was considering the idea of helping the public access and learn the best known dog training and behavior modification practices. A late night conversation with her now business partners, Jeannie Bingenheimer, Ron Iverson, and Dan Kenward led to marrying the various skill sets among this dynamic team to deliver high quality dog training & behavior information videos to the masses.

What kind of dog is DogSense Online best suited for?

DogSense Online is for any dog! Whether puppy, adult rescue dog, new addition to a family, or old friend. It’s never too soon or too late to learn and change behavior that’s annoying, embarrassing, stressful, or downright dangerous for you or your dog.

Will this help train my dog?

Yes, this will help you know exactly what to do in order to successfully train your dog. There is no special program or method needed for different dogs, in fact you can use the principles you learn to teach any species, including human.  Modern dog training for the social family dog.

What do you hope to achieve with DogSense Online?

We’re out to create a common language between people and dogs. A complete revolution in accessibility of the best practices in dog training and behavior! The methods and approach shared with you by DogSense Online creates a greater understanding and connection for dog parents and their dogs. Gathered from thousands of conversations with dog lovers, the common desires expressed were a deeper understanding, relationship and ability to change frustrating behaviors of the dogs in their personal lives. The desires of dog lovers everywhere are at the forefront of every decision.

The big picture: DogSense Online aims to contribute to the greater good of all dogs and the people who love them.  Building a common language between dog parents & dogs.  Getting that common language out to the masses including dog professionals.

In today’s modern world dogs are living full and enriched social lives. Dog daycare, dog walking, grooming, veterinarian care, dog foster parents, dog recues and shelters, the list goes on and on of people touching a dogs life.  We’re in need of a common language between us all.  Achieving this will improve lives of dogs everywhere.

How much does DogSense Online cost?

Accessibility and quality being at the forefront of DogSense Online primary goals, the complete video library is made available for $79, offering you lifetime access.  Our Dog Sense Online Program with Personal Dog Life Coach is available for $169, providing your with the personal attention and counseling to set you on the path to live your best life with your dog. The program includes 34 videos delivering the ability to understand, communicate with and teach any dog behaviors that will make them a joy to have around anywhere.  DogSense Online brings the best of the best resources in dog training and behavior to the public everywhere.

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