Fearful Dog Training and Modification in Twin Cities MN


Jody Karow is a Graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers taught by world renown dog behaviorist Jean Donaldson.

Certified, over a decade experience & highly educated in modification of fearfulness in dogs.

In Home Private Fearful Dog Consults with Ongoing Coaching and Support offered in Minneapolis, Minnetonka & Edina areas.

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Fearfulness in our dogs can rip at out heart strings or can lead to much more concerning behavior problems. It doesn't have to be that way. There is lots we can do to help your dog overcome some of the most deep seeded fears.  Your dog may be afraid of new people, children or new situations.  Or your dog may seem afraid of everything. Let's work together so your dog doesn't have to be scared no more.

At our 1st consult together we'll identify the things that scare your dog and keep you both from living the life you want.  A life filled with joy. I'll equip you with knowledge, tips and tools right away.  Together we'll construct a plan for helping to modify your dogs fears.

You'll learn lots at our sessions together and you'll have lifetime access to our DogSense Online eCourse keeping you on track and informed. Some fears modify blazing fast.  Other fears take some time and more assistance.  At our first consult, I'll have a better sense for prognosis for your dog.

You can do this and I'm here to help every step of the way.  On the other side is a wonderful joyful life with your furry love.

+ DogSense Online eCourse included for life.

Your dog doesn't have to live in fear. Fear untreated often leads to other behavior problems including aggression. Get the help you need and you'll soon see you can help your dog overcome fears. I'll guide you simply and effectively at whatever level of assistance you need.

Jody Karow - CTC
Certified Puppy Expert, Dog Life Coach & Founder of DogSense Online
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What Can You Expect?

Let's make life better for both you and your dog.

Our consult will take place in your home. I'll have the opportunity to meet and interact with your dog. We'll discuss all you've observed and list out the things that scare your dog. We'll begin that very first session working on simple steps for overcoming some of those fears.

After our 1st session, you'll receive access to the DogSense Online eCourse and I'll personally guide you to what videos you'll want to view first. You'll become a bit more versed on dog body language which will help you identify when your dog is even just mildly afraid.  This will help you know when you need to bail your dog out of a situation until you're fully prepared to work on modifying those fears.

I'll work with you for as little or as much as you need.  In most cases we can overcome fears with young dogs quite quickly when we're doing the right things.

DogSense: always 100% kind & loving methods

Positive & Reward Based methods that really work!

DogSense Online is amazing, our rescue dog has done a 180 thanks to Jody! Sweet, 15 pound, cuddly, little Annie turned into Cujo when she encountered a stranger or new environment, people coming into our home brought out the absolute worst in her. We needed help. Jody Karow from DogSense Online made two visits to our home and gave us very practical, simple strategies to introduce Annie to visitors.  Thank you Jody!

Sheila and Bob Peterson
Minneapolis, MN

We discovered DogSense after two failed attempts with other trainers. Our daughter's French Bulldog, Midge, has anxiety/fear issues and we were at a total loss on how to deal with her behavior. DogSense changed everything for Midge (and us). We now have an understanding of of what we need to do to help Midge with her fear of people. Also, I recently got a Frenchie puppy and have been attending DogSense's puppy class, and plan to enroll Bisous in additional training classes. I highly recommend DogSense and have told my vet about them.

Eileen Troxel
St Paul, MN

After I took Jody’s class, I learned a lot of skills to reinforce the good behaviors and be mindful of the fears that the dogs might have.  These methods have been extremely effective.  The behaviors stick!

Janie Lovelock
Minneapolis, MN

Jody is so great!  She helped with my aggressive dog towards other dogs, providing positive dog training to help improve and change her behavior.  Jody makes dog owners feel comfortable and confident that they can improve their relationship with their dog.

Tammy Rose
Minneapolis, MN
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We serve the Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota for all your in home puppy or dog training & private dog training needs.  Includes Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Wayzata, Bloomington, Edina and surrounding areas.

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