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  • Super simple & loving method for teaching your dog life skills to become the coolest social family dog in town!

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What You'll Get In This Awesome Puppy & Dog Training eCourse

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  • Getting To Know You

    Module 1: How does your dog learn?  Why is your puppy scared? Get to know your furry lovebug. Your pup will have fears and frustrations in life – just like us. Learn to recognize how your dog is feeling or coping in any situation. Identify the cause and guide your dog in a loving way through life.

    Videos in this module include:

    Dog Body Language
    Dog Fear
    Dog Aggression
    Puppy Socialization
    Off Leash Play

  • Everybody's a Little Naughty

    Module 3: What we see as naughty, your dog sees as fun. Sometimes you must unleash yourself from frustration and get back in tune with your pup.  We’ll guide you through replacing and banishing that naughty stuff. Overcome behavior problems simply!

    Videos in this module include:

    Jumping Up
    Counter & Table Surfing
    Effective Time Outs

  • Communicate

    Module 5: Words aren’t big in a dog’s world – they’re far more in tune with what they see.  We’ll explain how to introduce words in a way your dog can really grasp. You’ll master the timing and techniques that make learning fast.  Communicate with your dog in a way you never thought possible!

    Videos in this module include:

    Small Steps to Smooth Moves
    Train Me Now?!?!
    Frequent Rewards
    Game On!
    Clear Communication

  • Set Your Pup Up to Succeed

    Module 2:  How do you stop behavior problems in their tracks? Living in harmony with your dog is all about setting your pooch up for success. These are the basic life skills leading to harmony together, you’ll want to get started on ASAP. Turning frustrations into cooperation!

    Videos in this module include:

    Crate Training
    Chew Training
    Play Biting
    Loose Leash Walking

  • Understand

    Module 4: See the world from your dog’s perspective.  We’ll show you how your dog learns, how to get your dog’s attention, how to motivate and show your dog that giving you what you ask makes perfect sense in dog terms.  Build a life of cooperation with your puppy or dog!

    Videos in this module include:

    Recipe for Success
    Realistic Expectations
    More Yes, Less No
    Licking Distractions

  • Teach

    Module 6: These videos will guide you step-by-step in teaching the 5 basic skills that will give you and your dog a life of joy together.  We’ll explain how to use obedience behaviors to replace the irritating behaviors that drive you crazy, but pup thinks are cool!  It’s much easier than you think.

    Videos in this module include:

    Teaching Touch
    Teaching Sit
    Teaching Down
    Teaching Leave-it
    Teaching Stay

It's not just dog training class, it's a social family dog lifestyle program.  Specifically designed with you & your dog in mind.

Everything you need to create the life of your dreams with the pup you love.

Love it or leave it, zero risk to you!

I want my clients to be 100% satisfied. Get your DogSense now. You get 30 Days to go through everything. If you don't think you've gotten triple the value, request your money back - no questions asked!

Jody Karow - CTC

I want to help you bring out the very best in your dog and you.  Dogs are magnificent fun and their ability to adjust in social family life is inspiring.  In learning about dogs navigating our modern world, I've discovered we're not as different as we think.  I'd love to be part of this journey with you.

Jody Karow - CTC, Puppy Expert, Dog Life Coach & Certified Online Dog Trainer

Choose Your Personalized Program Fitting Your Lifestyle!

DogSense Online
  • Lifetime Access
  • 32 Video Lessons
  • Love it or Leave it Guarantee
  • Bonus: Motivation Emails
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A Full Doggy-licious Experience
DogSense Online + Dog Life Coach
  • Lifetime Access
  • 32 Video Lessons
  • Love it or Leave it Guarantee
  • Bonus: Motivation Emails
  • Live Office Hours - weekly Q&A w/Jody (8 wks)
  • Private Facebook Community w/your Dog Life Coach (8 wks)
  • A Total Dog-tastic Experience!
  • Regular Price $169
Home Show Special $99

Send email to info@dogsenseonline.com when you're ready to begin your 8 week Dog Life Coach program.  Sign up now and you'll have instant access to the video lessons & you'll be able to activate your 8 week program anytime.  Jody will guide you through the program and answer your questions along the way.  Loads of fun and motivation is provided to keep you on track, building the life you want with your furry lovebug.  Live Office Hours are provided as a group call, where Jody will answer questions and you'll have opportunity to talk through any challenges too.  The Dog Life Coach program provides you with a community of support each step of the way.

Words from Jean Donaldson listed by Dog Fancy in the Top 45 People changing the world for dogs!

Here is a marriage of high, high quality information with smart, user-friendly delivery, and on a topic dear to my heart: dog behavior and training. My fervent hope is to see DogSense change many thousands of dogs' and guardians' lives, and, knowing how good the team is, I'm willing to bet on it.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1) What are the benefits of choosing an online eCourse? +

Classes are great for some people and some dogs. But, for most it's not optimal! Dog Training Class has one big downfall that keeps many from gaining the success they sought. The biggest distraction from learning that exists for dogs.  Other Dogs!  Most offer no recess time to relieve some of that excitability of being among friends.  Leaving you fighting for focus from your furry friend.  Learning is best achieved when it's fun for both participants, you & dog.  At home you can watch the videos as often as you need and you have your pups undivided attention, making learning a snap.

Q2) How do Live Office Hours work? +

You will be provided links each week for accessing your Live Office Hours call, where you'll see Jody live.  You'll be able to *raise your hand* at the click of a button.  Once Jody announces your name, you'll be live with Jody to ask your question and talk through the solution.  Live Office Hours are offered at both 11a & 7p Central Standard time.   If you cannot make a call, you may submit your question via email.  Jody will answer your question and a recording to the live call will be available.

Q3) How does the Dog Life Coach program work? +

Once you sign up for the program, you'll have immediate access to all the videos.  Every two weeks a new group kicks off with your private Facebook community.  Your Dog Life Coach will guide you through the program and be available to answer questions Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We'll be sharing pictures, video and whatever you want regarding your pups early days with you.  We'll have weekly challenges and sharing of triumphs.  It's a community of new dog parents all going through many of the same joys and challenges.  Your Dog Life Coach will be there for you each step of the way.

Q4) What are the methods you teach for dog training & behavior? +

Dogs do what works!  DogSense teaches you Reward Based methods, giving and removing rewards to strengthen or reduce behavior.  Our emphasis is on positive reinforcement for getting the behaviors you want, along with teaching you to effectively communicate and modify the behaviors that simply must go.  But, we're not just about training!  We're all about dogs and that includes understanding your new furry family member.  You'll learn step by step how to teach the most useful life behaviors for at home and out enjoying life with your dog.  We believe even more importantly you'll learn to understand and build communication between you and your pup.

Q5) How do I know which program is a best fit for me? +

This depends entirely on you.  What's your best learning style?  On your own, going at your own pace?  Are you self motivated?  If yes, the DogSense Online do-it-yourself program may be just right for you.  Are you someone who likes to ask questions and get a little extra help?  You'll do great in the DogSense Online + Live Office Hours program.  Are you someone that would like those early days with your pup to be the best experience it can be and help for staying motivated to build your best life with your pup?  DogSense Online + Dog Life Coach will give you the complete package, along with creating memories during those early days you'll treasure for life.

Q6) Is the dog training eCourse available worldwide? +

Yes. It's easy to register and participate from anywhere in the world.  Available on Desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

Q7) About Jody Karow: +

I am on a mission to decode how the dogs we love see the world, how they learn and what really gets them motivated so that we can transform the way we train them. And I won’t rest until we have a world of happy, sociable, confident dogs whose people enjoy every moment of the time they spend with them.

My journey to DogSense started with looking for answers for my own dog, Buddha and brought me into conversation with thousands of bemused, confused and frustrated dog parents who wanted to do right by their dogs, but equally wanted their dogs to do the right things and had failed to find consistent workable answers.

Now, along with Team DogSense, we’re bringing together more than 10 years’ experience in the pet industry with a strong background in the technology development industry to launch a whole new approach to dog training.  Since 2007 I have been counseling and training both dogs and people, guiding them in achieving better lives together.

My business background in technology convinced me of the force of simple, smart communication to transform the way we do things. My experience with dogs and their guardians, pet professionals and rescues convinced me of the need to look at training with fresh eyes – the dog’s. The DogSense approach is based on how our dogs view the world, what influences their behavior and how to motivate them so training becomes a pleasure, not a power struggle.

I’ve enjoyed my work as training and behavior consultant for Safe Hands Rescue and resident dog expert for PetChatz. I founded a state of the art dog daycare, serving over 2,000 dogs and their guardians and continue to consult with dog daycares nationwide on how to enrich environments for the dogs in their care and use effective rewards and motivators to improve behavior. I’m also a very proud graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers, one of the world’s best dog behavior and training programs taught by Jean Donaldson.

Q8) Is the program good for puppy training? +

DogSense Online dog training videos cover everything you need for starting out with your new puppy.  From setting your puppy up to succeed, puppy socialization and learning all you need to know about puppy behavior and training.  Raising your puppy to be a social dog is best achieved when you understand your puppy and know how to guide him through our big modern world.  Through our Dogsense Online + Dog Life Coach program, we'll personally guide you through those early days to help get your puppy started out right and living the life of his or her dreams too.

Q9) What if I have additional questions about the DogSense Online Program? +

If you can't find the answer to your questions in this FAQ, please email us at info@dogsenseonline.com.  You'll get no slimy or sleazy sales tactics, just straight up answers to the questions you have.  We enjoy getting to know our clients from the start.

Q10) What if I don't have a dog...yet? +

First, I love you already!  If you know you're getting a puppy or rescue dog...sign up right away. In the Dog Life Coach program, we'll coach you through getting prepared and setting you both up for success.  And you'll have a built in community enjoying the journey with you right from the start.  Loads of fun!

P.S.  Don't forget you have lifetime access to the course!  😉


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