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What could possibly be more exciting than bringing your new puppy home?

Absolutely nothing in our eyes! Don’t let that new puppy bliss fade before your little pup (much too quickly) grows up. From setting your home up for success to teaching your new family member the basics for living in harmony in our human world, we’ve got you covered.

Those first weeks and months are the most important time of your new puppies life. We’ll help you set up the foundation for a joyful life. Step by step, we will guide you with simple-to-understand and follow videos, guiding you in teaching your puppy life skills to keep that new puppy bliss going.

DogSense Online will be there with you every step of the way. Whether you are just beginning or you are already trying to overcome some frustrating puppy behavior. We can help you create a better life with your dog!

Puppy training is all about teaching your new puppy the life skills that will make them a joyful addition to your life.  No power struggles, no battle of wills.  We show you step by step how to train your puppy, making it all fantastically fun for both you and puppy.


Become a member and enjoy one of the big DogSense Online Puppy Class advantages for your new puppy and you:

We are here for you anytime, anywhere, right when and where you need us most.

From 3 weeks to 16 weeks your puppy is in the socialization period of life.  During this critical period of life your new puppy is learning about the many experiences life has to offer.  We want lots of new experiences to occur during this time, but you also want to make sure those puppy first experiences are great experiences in the eyes of your puppy.  Join us to guide you through your puppy socialization period and help you ensure the best life has to offer for your new puppy.


Puppy Training Classes & Socials Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Do you have a new puppy & live in the Twin Cities?  Join us at our Puppy Training Classes & Socials with 2 convenient locations in St. Paul & Minneapolis.  Our clients will tell you our classes are hands down the most fun & educational in the Twin Cities!



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