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The puppies live stream is playing as soon as you enter the page here.  If you see no movement, the babies are likely sleeping. Watch closely, you’ll see.  Like Us on Facebook and we’ll let you know when they are active!  The Puppy Cam will be live 24/7. Click box in lower right corner to make puppycam full screen.

June 5th Puppy Update:
Our Sweet momma Fancy had Kennel Cough she had contracted while in Kentucky, her symptoms appeared shortly after she delivered her puppies.  Not surprising, last Tuesday evening the first symptoms of Kennel Cough appeared in all 3 babies.  By Wednesday the virus turned into pneumonia for both Ferris and Faith.  Faith was struggling for air and passed away as Jody was rushing her to the vet.  We were devastated, as after 10 years and 1000’s of pups, Faith was the first to die while in our care.  We quickly rushed Fancy and her boys to the emergency vet, where Ferris would need to stay for the next 72 hours in oxygen.  His prognosis was grave, we were hoping and praying but things didn’t look good for our sweet baby boy.  As you can imagine, poor momma Fancy was beside herself in grief.  We found little ability to comfort her for the first 24 hours.  She refused to eat or drink.  She struggled with fully caring for Felix who was the only puppy left with her in the nursery.

At last, Saturday GREAT NEWS came!  The emergency vet called to tell us Ferris had turned the corner and was able to come back home to his momma and brother.

Watch our little family reunion when Ferris returned home after his hospital stay:

Help us help Safe Hands Rescue raise the funds to pay for our sweet Ferris’ care at the hospital:

$10, $20, whatever you can do…it helps Safe Hands Rescue pay off this bill so we can help another dog, another day in need just like Ferris.


Watch Fancy’s Yorkie – Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Puppies Live Stream Puppy Cam and Bring Instant Joy into your Life!

Fancy is a rescue dog from Safe Hands Animal Rescue being fostered by Jody Karow and Jean Bingenheimer of  Team DogSense. Her journey began in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky where she was surrendered just weeks before she would be delivering her puppies. Fancy and her 2 housemates were surrendered to Floyd County Shelter together.  Both Fancy and her housemate Robin pregnant, ready to deliver any day.  Daddy Jake was surrendered with the girls, Jake is a pure Jack Russell Terrier.  Robin delivered 5 beautiful babies at the shelter just days before we’d head home to Minnesota.  Fancy held out as we had hoped and delivered her 3 puppies just a few days after arriving in Minnesota.  Her delivery was complicated and we were grateful we were there with her or she and pups very likely wouldn’t have made it through delivery.  The two Jack Russell looking pups were very large for such a tiny gal.

Only 24 hours after their birth it became evident Momma Fancy wasn’t able to produce enough milk.  We began tube feeding and giving fluids to all 3 babies, hoping momma’s milk would soon come in.  Several days later it did just that and all 3 babies were soon nursing and thriving all on their own.  Healthy, happy babies.

Fancy and her babies will be available for adoption through Safe Hands Rescue in a couple of months!

In the meantime, we hope they will bring joy into many homes and offices.  Nothing will relieve your stress and replace that frown with a smile like the antics and cuteness of 3 puppies at play.

If you witness something extraordinarily cute (believe me it’s often) please tell us in the comments below.  Be sure to include the date and time stamp on the puppies live stream and we’ll make a video clip of a close up of the action.  Help us bring more joy into the lives of others!  Puppies and Dogs are a proven cure in lowering stress in us.


Share Fancy’s puppies live stream and bring joy into someone’s day!



Please share this post with your friends! We are looking for homes for all these sweet babies and everyone can use a little puppy smiles in their day.

Do you have a new puppy or rescue dog in your family?



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Jody Karow
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I've been on a mission to decode how the dogs we love see the world and what really gets them motivated so that we can transform the way we train them. Now I want to teach this to you! Join me in revolutionizing dog training.

I’ve enjoyed my work as training and behavior consultant for Safe Hands Rescue and resident dog expert for PetChatz. I founded a state of the art dog daycare, serving over 2,000 dogs and their guardians and continue to consult with dog daycares nationwide on how to enrich environments for the dogs in their care and use effective rewards and motivators to improve behavior. I’m also a very proud graduate & a certified trainer through the Academy for Dog Trainers, the world’s best dog behavior and training program taught by Jean Donaldson.

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  1. Judy Harkess says:

    I’d love to see Molly.

  2. molly says:

    Love the puppycam Jody! always a treat to watch the activity, growth & change of beautiful puppies like these 🙂

  3. Susan Kramer says:

    When will they be ready to be adopted?

  4. Linnae says:

    11-18-14 at 4:45 p.m….super cute wrestling puppies!

    SO much fun watching the puppies…I’m spending WAY too much time checking in on them!

    Linnae Brew

    P.S. HI to classmate Jeannie Bingenheimer!

  5. stacy schmatz says:

    Wow these puppies won bingo with their foster mom, what a great setup for them to learn and develop.

  6. Carol says:

    Such a great idea!! Please turn camera slightly to the right for more puppy love!

    • Jody Karow says:

      Ha Carol. Camera angle is also for us to be able to check in on Miss Savannah. She sleeps a lot over on that side of the pool. As the puppy nursery changes at different stages of development the camera will be repositioned. Only another week to week and half before the first will make a bust out of the pool. Better get some padding set up for that 1st fall soon. 😉

  7. Mehgan says:

    What treats are you giving Fancy from the ziploc? Is the little brown pup doing ok? I saw you are also bottle feeding now.

  8. Kate Tracy says:

    Where are her other 2 puppies?

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