Puppy Training Classes Minneapolis, MN

Puppy Training Class with 100% focus on Social Family Dogs.

Loads of off leash play and learning for all!

The Only Twin Cities Puppy Class with eCourse Included.  32 Videos Available to you Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device!

Minneapolis Puppy Training for Family Dogs

Puppy Class: Minneapolis - Saturdays 9a at Bone Adventure, 312 E. Hennepin Ave

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I would love to help you learn how to teach your new puppy how to become an amazing social family dog!  I've worked hard gaining the best information available today and am excited to share it with you.  Have fun & enjoy your puppy!  Puppyhood goes by so darn fast.

Jody Karow - CTC
Certified Puppy Expert, Dog Life Coach & Online Dog Trainer
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What Can You Expect?

A Puppy Class that meets your 21st Century needs!

During this time your puppy is genetically prepared to soak up lots of information.  Those first and early experiences will shape how your puppy feels about all the things he'll encounter in life.

We'll teach you exactly how to know how your puppy is feeling and coping in any given situation. Once you know how to read your dog, we'll guide you through helping your puppy overcome things he may currently feel are scary or frustrating.

During the puppy socialization period we can help your puppy feel confident among people, dogs and the various environments puppy will experience living a social lifestyle.

Your Dog Life Coach, Jody Karow - CTC,  brings extensive experience, education and passion to teaching you everything you need for raising a confident & good playmate.  Jody owned and operated a dog daycare, consults dog daycares on best dog behavior practices and has enjoyed local dog park fun for over a decade.

After graduating from the most extensive program available, The Academy for Dog Trainers, Jody saw the need for preparation & prevention.  Play skills are best shaped during the socialization period for puppies.  Puppy parents can easily learn how to handle various situations, setting your puppy up for optimal success.  Jody has the experience and knowledge to teach this to you at puppy class, leaving you worry free when your pup enjoys dog daycare or playing with friends at the dog park.

Each week at your puppy class we'll explore a new topic and introduce a new skill.  Modern life for dogs looks nothing like it did over a decade ago.  Dogs are going to play with friends at the dog park or daycare.  Dogs are traveling on planes and welcome guests at hotels.  We have more reasons than ever before to understand our dog's behavior and how your puppy learns.

As your personal Puppy Expert & Dog Life Coach, Jody has put together an online dog training video program, super fun puppy classes, Skype counseling & personal in-home behavior counseling.  We all know consistency is key. Jody wants to help guide you to live your best life with your puppy or dog every step of the way.  Providing you with consistency for all your puppy & dog behavior needs.

DogSense: always 100% kind & loving methods

Positive & Reward Based methods that really work!

I was greeted with warmth and a big welcome! They showed us a totally different way of teaching our pup with the Wonderful Result of a happy well socialized dog (with all people and other dogs).  They have a true spirit of love and care for your dog and take a personal interest in having you and your puppy succeed.

Vikki and Marshall Peterson
Edina, MN

While they made my dogs extremely happy, they also kept me very happy because of their great customer service.  They always went above and beyond what I expected. I continue to be a huge fan of these talented ladies because of their true dedication to helping people enjoy the relationship with their dogs!

Kelly George
Eagan, MN

After I took Jody’s class, I learned a lot of skills to reinforce the good behaviors and be mindful of the fears that the dogs might have.  These methods have been extremely effective.  The behaviors stick!

Janie Lovelock
Edina, MN

Jody is so great!  She helped with my aggressive dog towards other dogs, providing positive dog training to help improve and change her behavior.  Jody makes dog owners feel comfortable and confident that they can improve their relationship with their dog.

Tammy Rose
Minneapolis, MN

For Puppies 18 weeks & under at First Puppy Class & Social.

Some exceptions will be made for shy/fearful puppies.

Saturdays 9a - Bone Adventure Minneapolis

Questions?  Call 651-686-9059

Sign Up Now 5 Sessions - $129