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Puppy Class is meant to be fun & loads of fun is what will be had at DogSense Puppy Classes & Socials. We all know learning is best achieved through fun and play. Yet many puppy classes offered end up stressful for both humans and dogs. DogSense is unleashing the stress of learning literally for both species, all puppies will learn unleashed!

The 21st Century landscape has changed entirely for dogs & we believe it’s fantastically better. Dogs have become embraced members of our family. Dogs are frequently referred to as our kids, our little fur-babies. They go to daycare & family outings to play at the park with all their doggy friends. We dress them snuggly warm for walks and romps in our frigid Minnesota winters. Fleece jackets and little booties to help extend their ability to play out in the snow. Family functions have our four legged friends running and playing with their furry cousins. No summer cabin trip is the same without games of fetch and dock jumping into one of our 10,000 plus lakes. Dogs are officially members of our family and most of us wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dog training has been a bit behind the pace. Just a decade ago when I first brought home my Shih Tzu Buddha, dog trainers far and wide were vehemently opposed to off leash play. Dog parks and dog daycares even spoken of to a dog trainer was cringe worthy and met with scowls. Allowing your dog to run amuck was certain to create a hellion with no chance of any obedience. Deprivation was the answer for most doggy behavior problems. Which in turn may be what kept family dog lives for many years flat out dull.


A New Breed of Dog Trainer (Puppy Trainers too)

There’s a new breed of dog trainer on the scene and we’re mighty proud to be among them. The Twin Cities alone has 3 graduates (including me) from my alma mater, The Academy for Dog Trainers & 7 more local students that will graduate over the next 2 years. A solid education in dog behavior leads us to better dog training & even the latest science says, it’s suppose to be fun!

Anyone that has lived with dogs over the past few decades will tell you, their dog today has one heck of a life compared to dogs past. Better yet, they’ll also let you know they too enjoy their dog more. We need modern dog training for that modern lifestyle.

A full and enriched life for dogs makes them better family members. But, a full & enriched social life requires some preparation and prevention. Don’t let that scare you though, because at DogSense we’re prepared to show you this all can be an absolute blast. Not only will class be loads of fun, we’ve put together a full and complete resource for you making learning simple, effective and fun. Our DogSense Online Puppy & Dog Training Program consists of 34 dog training videos where I lead you through everything you need to enjoy a brilliant full and enriched social life with your furry friend.


What you’ll learn at Puppy Training Class

At Puppy Classes & Socials we’ll work on socialization, overcoming puppy fears & frustrations. We’ll make sure puppy is ready to enjoy men, women, children and other dogs. We’ll work through all those puppy training essentials that will help him be a welcome member of the family and dog daycare and dog park. With DogSense Online the learning is available for you anywhere, anytime. Class doesn’t end after one hour with us each week & it doesn’t end when your 5 weeks of puppy class is complete. You’ll have DogSense Online at home and for your dog’s lifetime. DogSense Online will teach you to understand dog, how to clearly build a common language between you and your dog, and the 5 behaviors that will make your dog welcome anywhere you want to go. In the step-by-step videos, I’ll teach you how to get those 5 behaviors fluent so your dog will do them for you anywhere & anytime, not just in the classroom. You’ll learn to incorporate practice into your everyday interactions with your dog making them reliable.


Our goal is to set you and puppy up to enjoy your life together. We hope to see you, your family and new puppy at class, conveniently offered in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

Minneapolis Puppy Class & Social is on Saturdays at 9a hosted at Bone Adventure.
St. Paul Puppy Class & Social is on Sundays at 10a hosted at Dog Days Inc.

Let’s set your puppy up for a joyful social lifestyle together!

Sign up now for our Puppy Training Classes & Socials with 2 convenient locations in St. Paul & Minneapolis.

Tell us below in the comments what you hope to learn?


Have fun & enjoy your puppy!

Jody Karow – CTC

Your Personal Puppy Expert, Dog Life Coach & Online Dog Trainer


Jody Karow
Certified Puppy Trainer, Dog Life Coach & Dog Behavior Expert at DogSense Online
I've been on a mission to decode how the dogs we love see the world and what really gets them motivated so that we can transform the way we train them. Now I want to teach this to you! Join me in revolutionizing dog training.

I’ve enjoyed my work as training and behavior consultant for Safe Hands Rescue and resident dog expert for PetChatz. I founded a state of the art dog daycare, serving over 2,000 dogs and their guardians and continue to consult with dog daycares nationwide on how to enrich environments for the dogs in their care and use effective rewards and motivators to improve behavior. I’m also a very proud graduate & a certified trainer through the Academy for Dog Trainers, the world’s best dog behavior and training program taught by Jean Donaldson.

Join me & let's make life better for people & dogs!

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  1. Wow, I like the classes you do! I attended a social class with my new pup a couple of years ago and she definitely loved it!

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